Monday, March 17, 2008

random pics #1

sian on the trampoline at the playgym. she was not having a good day when we went and freaked out on just about everything that she wouldn't think twice about normally. didn't help that i'd *just* found out i was pregnant that morning and was feeling sick to boot.
being a tree on an old tree stump. when we first moved to the area it was a big ol' conker tree. not any more, it's a good climbing frame!
beth shouldn't have been playing in the sand here, this is her "waht have i done wrong?" look.
yes, her fringe needs cutting. again. but i want to wait till the hair wrap falls out so i can give her a bob again, it really suits her and doesn't irritate her neck.
beth and sian raided teh fridge for a snack. sian doesn't like "bematoes" but "me like matoe's mummy" said beth demolishing the packet.

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