Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Frederick is a FLIRT!

mind you, with that smile..........

First Train ride at Legoland- he's been asleep the other times!

Who's taller, me or him?

Discovering the duplo bricks

The child is such a ham!

Onto the flirting. Rick already has a girlfriend (Evie in the photo with Beth about two posts down) They get on as well as a 9 & 10month can. Lots of slobbering, hair pulling etc LOL. I went out with a freind teh other day who has a little girl about a week older than Evie. While we were walking down the street, Grace and Rick decided that they wanted to HOLD HANDS in their pushchairs!!! And then in McDs they were sharing their food and drink. Neither child could stop making eyes at the other. I've some pics from that lunch but they're on my phone.. must get them off it!

Beth's First Day Photo

I admit, I almost cried! She looked so grown up and yet so small in her school uniform.

I asked Beth for a kiss just before she went into school... And I didn't get one! She could not wait to go in the first day, wait, she can't wait to go in at all! I haven't been allowed into the FSU to see her peg or where she registers. I'm lucky to get a kiss or be allowed even ON the path down to the door LOL. I saw Sian's reception teacher about a week later and she said that Beth has settled in really fast, it was like she'd alwasy been there too. I have to take turns picking them up first as well. Oh, and Beth has a boyfriend! It's so cute. When you ask her about him she goes all shy and hides in my knees! I'm friends with his mum, Sian's friends with .. well Sian is pretty much friends with everyone!

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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Nursery Home Visit

Wednesday was Beth's home visit from her Nursery teachers (miss birch & mrs wilson). We had *fifteen*, so we saw Sian off (still sulking cause she didn't want to go) and started the run home- well, fast walk! We got home with minutes to spare... They were half an hour late!! The school gave them the wrong address!!!! Poor ladies were sent over to Hanworth!

Anyway, mrs wilson has met beth plenty and had the pleasure of looking after her as well so *she's* not worried about her LOL. And miss birch is new this year so has to get to grips with being the head of the foundation stage unit and her class too! and her new staff. Having met Beth though and seen some of her work from grovely she's so not worried. I said they'd have to work on her speech more than anything, but being home over the summer has improved that again. She's going to have a ball, and get plenty of challenges (I asked for that one, I got told that Sian's a very bright young lady that needs a challenge too)
minutes to get home and tidy up before htey were due

Beth starts at 12 tomorrow and we're heading out for brunch with friends first! I'll post a picture of her in her uniform after that.

(School) Year 1

Sian started in Year 1 Sept 3rd. She was all excited to go back the first day and be in Miss O'Connell's Owls Class. The second day not so much. Then we had the weekend- the first two days were spent settling into their new classes and getting to know their teachers. Last week she did.not.want.to.go.

Monday she had a friend over after school for tea so it wasn't too bad. And they got "Home Learning" Hang on, isn't that what we called home work?! Any way, it was covering their workbooks. A friend came to my rescue with some sticky back plastic and She now has Peppa Pig for Literacy and Waybuloo for Numeracy. They'll get homework in each alternate weeks.

Tuesday she would not go and stand in line with the rest of her class. I was NOT a happy Mama by the time Mrs Mairlot managed to get her to go in. She stopped crying soon after she got in though. I think PE may have helped!

Wednesday I let her play for a while and then had to go and drag her off the playground to get into line in time. Again she didn't want to go but she went eventually after a million kisses and cuddles (she's still my baby!) This was Beth's homevisit day (another post) so I wasn't impressed. Her favourite thing today was "Football Focus" she was full of it LOL

Thursday we were later than usual so she didn't have time to go and play. She still didn't want to go in though. Schools boring she told me.

Friday just took lots of extra cuddles and it was chilly.. the girls wore their hats, scarfs & gloves but no coats! How odd is the weather at the moment?! Today she said school's fun. But I'm not sure why LOL. Something about playing... they do lots of playing in the lower school here. Lots of learning too but it all blends in nicely.

Her topic for the term is "Where we live" and she has homework on Monday to be (signed and) handed in by Thursday. PE Tuesday & Wednesday.