Saturday, September 12, 2009

Nursery Home Visit

Wednesday was Beth's home visit from her Nursery teachers (miss birch & mrs wilson). We had *fifteen*, so we saw Sian off (still sulking cause she didn't want to go) and started the run home- well, fast walk! We got home with minutes to spare... They were half an hour late!! The school gave them the wrong address!!!! Poor ladies were sent over to Hanworth!

Anyway, mrs wilson has met beth plenty and had the pleasure of looking after her as well so *she's* not worried about her LOL. And miss birch is new this year so has to get to grips with being the head of the foundation stage unit and her class too! and her new staff. Having met Beth though and seen some of her work from grovely she's so not worried. I said they'd have to work on her speech more than anything, but being home over the summer has improved that again. She's going to have a ball, and get plenty of challenges (I asked for that one, I got told that Sian's a very bright young lady that needs a challenge too)
minutes to get home and tidy up before htey were due

Beth starts at 12 tomorrow and we're heading out for brunch with friends first! I'll post a picture of her in her uniform after that.

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