Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Beth's First Day Photo

I admit, I almost cried! She looked so grown up and yet so small in her school uniform.

I asked Beth for a kiss just before she went into school... And I didn't get one! She could not wait to go in the first day, wait, she can't wait to go in at all! I haven't been allowed into the FSU to see her peg or where she registers. I'm lucky to get a kiss or be allowed even ON the path down to the door LOL. I saw Sian's reception teacher about a week later and she said that Beth has settled in really fast, it was like she'd alwasy been there too. I have to take turns picking them up first as well. Oh, and Beth has a boyfriend! It's so cute. When you ask her about him she goes all shy and hides in my knees! I'm friends with his mum, Sian's friends with .. well Sian is pretty much friends with everyone!

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