Saturday, September 12, 2009

(School) Year 1

Sian started in Year 1 Sept 3rd. She was all excited to go back the first day and be in Miss O'Connell's Owls Class. The second day not so much. Then we had the weekend- the first two days were spent settling into their new classes and getting to know their teachers. Last week she

Monday she had a friend over after school for tea so it wasn't too bad. And they got "Home Learning" Hang on, isn't that what we called home work?! Any way, it was covering their workbooks. A friend came to my rescue with some sticky back plastic and She now has Peppa Pig for Literacy and Waybuloo for Numeracy. They'll get homework in each alternate weeks.

Tuesday she would not go and stand in line with the rest of her class. I was NOT a happy Mama by the time Mrs Mairlot managed to get her to go in. She stopped crying soon after she got in though. I think PE may have helped!

Wednesday I let her play for a while and then had to go and drag her off the playground to get into line in time. Again she didn't want to go but she went eventually after a million kisses and cuddles (she's still my baby!) This was Beth's homevisit day (another post) so I wasn't impressed. Her favourite thing today was "Football Focus" she was full of it LOL

Thursday we were later than usual so she didn't have time to go and play. She still didn't want to go in though. Schools boring she told me.

Friday just took lots of extra cuddles and it was chilly.. the girls wore their hats, scarfs & gloves but no coats! How odd is the weather at the moment?! Today she said school's fun. But I'm not sure why LOL. Something about playing... they do lots of playing in the lower school here. Lots of learning too but it all blends in nicely.

Her topic for the term is "Where we live" and she has homework on Monday to be (signed and) handed in by Thursday. PE Tuesday & Wednesday.

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moonduster said...

I hope she sticks with the idea that "school is fun." Gabby loves school, mainly because she gets to see all of her friends each day because of it.