Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Frederick is a FLIRT!

mind you, with that smile..........

First Train ride at Legoland- he's been asleep the other times!

Who's taller, me or him?

Discovering the duplo bricks

The child is such a ham!

Onto the flirting. Rick already has a girlfriend (Evie in the photo with Beth about two posts down) They get on as well as a 9 & 10month can. Lots of slobbering, hair pulling etc LOL. I went out with a freind teh other day who has a little girl about a week older than Evie. While we were walking down the street, Grace and Rick decided that they wanted to HOLD HANDS in their pushchairs!!! And then in McDs they were sharing their food and drink. Neither child could stop making eyes at the other. I've some pics from that lunch but they're on my phone.. must get them off it!

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