Thursday, August 31, 2006

uh oh!

the house is no longer safe! beth took her first (cute!) wobbly steps today. i missed out on sian's first steps so this was extra special for me. wonder if it'll be another couple of months before she does it again lol.

speaking of houses. we have to pay council tax, gas and electirc and we're good to move house! we're looking at a flat closer to the parents tomorow morning. if it's as spacious as i rember we'll probably say yes, and hope they can let us have both properties for a week or so to decorate and move more easily!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Trains, Pizza and Ice Cream!

That was Sian's request for the day. She's been asking to go on a train for some time, and she wanted some ice cream. The pizza she wasn't so interested in, but we had a late breakfast whihc, for her, consisted of three (yes, you read that right!) sausages -opened out of a roll!

so having gone into hounslow and been to mother care (sheets, pillowcase and beth needed t-shirts) and marks and spencers (clive wanted some jeans and he's got short legs) we decided to take a train to hammersmith to get some lunch... and do some more shopping! well i have a new baby to buy for (got that yesterday) a big sister- very improtant person! and a freind is getting marreid so we got her some silly books. and in spite of it supposedly being beths shopping trip, sian STILL ended up getting new clothes. I swear she has more than all of us put together! still, they were cheap

Thursday, August 24, 2006

housing.... a year on!

SO, we have been here a year now. FInaly we got our rent arrears sorted out (yay!) well almost! and we have had offers on 2 places that we're top of the list! the first was monday, and we refused it. Nice block and all but i have issues with the 14th floor! friday 1st we go to view another flat on the same estate... 2nd floor this time! i can deal with that. course not sure how getting kids and stroller up and down stairs will wrok.... sling time again methinks if we're not going to far! we rather think we're going to take it though. will let you know after the viweing! i do know that the property has jsut had a new btahroom and kitchen put in though

Friday, August 11, 2006

money issues!

finally, we have our housing and council tax benefit sorted out! 10months of adjustments later we'll have a nice reduced payment for a whole 2mos! gonna suggest to clive we try to keep paying the old amount to try and clear our debt though

got a letter form the dept of work and pensions saying they're stopping my carers allowance for not responding to there letters. i responded to the same blasted letter twice! so i called them today and got it all sorted and my dads name spelt correctly over the phone. no need to worry there.

just the child tax credits to sort out now and we're sorted. gonna try that one later on while the kids eat their teas!

Friday, August 04, 2006

I am an angel, really!

i love this photo of Sian in the pizza place. It's so natural looking, normally she pulls faces or does BIIIIIIG cheesey grins.  All i need to do is crop everything else out till i'm left with my big girl.
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mmmmmm citrus

Beth got rather peckish waiting for pizza the other night... so she decided to suck the lemon instead! Luckily her food did turn up soon after this picture (or I might ahve been in the dog house!)
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