Sunday, August 27, 2006

Trains, Pizza and Ice Cream!

That was Sian's request for the day. She's been asking to go on a train for some time, and she wanted some ice cream. The pizza she wasn't so interested in, but we had a late breakfast whihc, for her, consisted of three (yes, you read that right!) sausages -opened out of a roll!

so having gone into hounslow and been to mother care (sheets, pillowcase and beth needed t-shirts) and marks and spencers (clive wanted some jeans and he's got short legs) we decided to take a train to hammersmith to get some lunch... and do some more shopping! well i have a new baby to buy for (got that yesterday) a big sister- very improtant person! and a freind is getting marreid so we got her some silly books. and in spite of it supposedly being beths shopping trip, sian STILL ended up getting new clothes. I swear she has more than all of us put together! still, they were cheap

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