Monday, March 15, 2010

swinging in the (cold) sun

The weather this year has been........cold. VERY cold! BUT this past few weeks we've seen some sun popping up. And there is a park at teh end of our road. With swings. So we go. And play till Rick's hands are red raw with cold. He's far to adventurous for my liking. he can climb up slide ladders ... and go down the slides. BUT the slide at the park has a balance beam off one side of the platform, a cargo net off the other, the slide & the ladder :o/ oh, and the slide in our garden? is on concrete. yeah he climbed taht before you could say jack robinson and went down......... where's my baby gone? he climbs up onto the trampoline too. i hope the lawnmower hasnt died having over wintered in the garden with no shed

temper tantrums

Sian- screams at you that she doesn't "want to do XYZ" She wants "to go to bed and READ"
Beth- screams and you and hits you
Rick- LOOKS at you. Turns round. Sulks. Sits down. Lies on his back and stares at the ceiling. OR Lies on flat on the floor, face down and just stays there silent!!

Frederick had a "wobbly lolly" It was rather hard to get the hang of eating it apparently! Well, if the photos are anything to go by.....................