Friday, November 28, 2008

Time flies.

Sian turns FIVE in a month. Beth was THREE almost two months ago. And next week sees Frederick reach a month already. How did all that happen? Seems funny to think now that we have three children. I still vividly remember thinking we'd never have kids. We were exploring our options, but I was told I was too fat to get pregnant... hmm. then I cancelled our infertility clinic appointment as there were two lovely lines on the stick. I'll always wonder though just how many times I may have got pregnant and the angels not stuck. If any. Guess I'll never know. What I DO know is I'm thankful and blessed to have my three little ones here with me. However much they may annoy me and push all the buttons on any given day, I wouldn't be without them.

They're opening new children's centres around the borough and we went to a planning meeting at one this week. Mainly so the early years worker had someone there that she knew! But the funniest thing was Sian. Sure start provided some nibbles for lunch time. Normally, my limit is one cake. Today, the girls for some reason got away with two... till

"sian, you've already had another cake"
"that was my next cake, this is my last one"

how can i refuse logic like that? i was laughing to hard to push it. she got her third cake!

Busy week (almost over thank goodness!!)
This was our calendar for this week.

Monday 24 Nov
11am Sure Start @ Bedfont Children's Centre
2.30pm BSL Class
4.45pm Rainbows @ Southville Centre

(there is a space for Sian to go to rainbows in the new year. She'd have loved to ahve stayed but she's not 5 yet)

Tues 25 Nov
12pm Lil' Pins Feltham
Scratch taht... electrician on call. Stay in all day (yawn) cue emergency recruits... parents take girls to hampton court palace.

Sian "We saw the big fire in the kitchen, it was hot and they were cooking meat"

Weds 26th Nov
Electrician back PM
2pm MW (she wanted to see us at home, I did offer to go to her)

Thurs 27th Nov
12-2.30pm Home Ed Group Northolt.
Thanks to the kindness of one of the other mums coming and getting us we got to this. She's also offered to take the girls if I need a break. So sweet.

Fri 28th Nov
8-10am Water Board coming to establish water supply and fit meter
12pm lunch date with freind and her son (yay!)
4pm Sian eye test
4.20pm Beth eye test

Sat 29th Nov
Clive working... bang goes christmas shoping!

Sun 30th Nov
12pm Birthday party at Snakes and Ladders

Hmm so what's on NEXT week?! Hopefully nothing so busy!!

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