Thursday, November 20, 2008

I REALLY want my washing machine!

We had some odd jobs that needed doing around the house. Our landlord got back into the country MONDAY and called us to arrange it the same day- if we hadn't been busy it would have been ready Mon.

Tues all the jobs are done so I think YAY no more despicables! (both nappies and pads) but the washing machine has developed a major malfunction since we moved it to here... i gotta stop putting they boty in real nappies. i can't believe how many black sacks i put out this am... and it's cause of the nappies/pads... normally onm a bad week it's 2. today? 4

Friday update...

I have a washing machine!!! The builder didn't take the plastic cap off the drainage tube! ah well, i have cover now in case it breaks down again (it's 3yrs old, it might just as it's gonna be on permanently!)

Now to get my cloth nappies over the airers and teh kids clothes that i've washed up into their room.. preferably on hangers so they get hung straight up!

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