Sunday, November 02, 2008

More Customer Service..

British Gas... Not so good. I spent an HOUR on the phone. Mostly on hold. As we're *still* paying someone else's £1300+ debt. The second gas card they sent should have reset the meter. But it hasn't so Tuesday morning between 8-1 an engineer is coming to do that for me.

E-On... Excellent. 10 minutes on the phone. I'm getting a paypoint card to spread the last £180 we owe on the old property over a few months. There's no way we can afford the whole lot in one hit. As it is we're well into the overdraft and Clive doesn't get paid this week as last week was half term.

Currys... Another Excellent. I asked for a more suitable cooker. We found the original model STILL BOXED! At another store. It's coming some time on Tuesday. There was no problems changing it. In fact, they didn't think that gas cookers were still MADE that needed lighting by match/lighter! We tried to get a new TV but were declined this time. We think it's probably cause we've been in the new house a whole week! Ah well, we can't really afford the payment anyway.

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