Saturday, November 01, 2008

Moving house is getting expensive!

My MIL bought us a cooker. They damaged it so I had to go and choose another one. No-one told me that the one I picked out DOESN'T have a grill or ignition button. The grill I could live without (although no cheese on toast!) but there is NO WAY ON HEAVENS EARTH I'm having matches lying around the house with a 5yo, 3yo and newborn. That is an invitation for disaster. So, today we're going BACK to Currys (who have actually been nothing but helpful, luckily, even down to agreeing that the new cooker ISN'T suitable and I can exchange it) to get one that fits the purpose.

The Expensive bit..

The TV which was on it's way out just before we moved... Died pretty much completely yesterday. So that's something else to budget for that we don't have the money for. We've used all our savings already. Either finance from currys (as we'll be there) or on the argos card it goes (we've paid off more than minimum every month so far)

On the bright side? It's almost worth paying the council to come and remove our electrical waste! We have a tumble dryer, microwave, hoover and now TV. They charge £5/item with a minimum of £25... what can go wrong next? The Freezer?

Sian's Dream didn't come true!

she wanted "Orlando" to be born on Halloween, and bump is still here! They did get to go trick or treating last night to say hi down our new road. There are LOTS of children down there which is nice. I'll get pics on here of their Halloween Costumes later.

The phone calls have started *sigh*

I wish I'd just told everyone that it was due the end of November! All I'm getting (and my parents) are "any news?" "has it arrived?" I'll let you know when I do, and I'm pretty sure I'll notice pushing out a baby!

Speaking of baby. I had my between EDD appointment yesterday. My Ultrasound EDD was 28 Oct..and my LMP EDD is 2 Nov. BP was fine (and lower than you'd expect for being thrown a house move in there!), Urine fine as ever (in spite of this one really liking sweets and chocolate!) and "Lando's" Heartrate was right between 135-140 so still "boyish" although Trish says she always gets it wrong LOL.

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fiberfanatic said...

OY, I understand the cost of moving! Sheesh!

Both of my kids were 20 days later than the due date, I really empathise with your!

Big hugs to you and the rest of the family!

Gramma Mary