Friday, November 14, 2008

Photos from my friends visit

Beth playing photographer


Frederick at the park

Sian on the ONE swing.. check the LENGTH of her legs!

Beth on the swing.

My freind Claire came to visit from Manchester. The girls and Frederick adored her. I have a photo of her holding mister man, but I won't be sharing.. she'll kill me! It would have been a better one if she hadn't been scrunching up her face LOL.

We took the kids up to the park at the end of our road. It was rather dissappointing as there wasn't much for the girls to do. We did take lots of photos though. I think Claire took 50 of Sian on the swing alone! After that we hobbled back to the bakers for elevenses/lunch and I persuaded her to have a look at some wedding gowns (evil grin!)

Sian and Beth did "filming" with our cameras. I don't think Sian got to much in teh way of photo taking done as Beth ratehr hogged the camera. I need to get a tripod as they played with it both with and without cameras! Luckily, Sian likes to be in FRONT of the camera and Beth behind it more so all was good in the end LOL


moonduster said...

Love the photos! Sounds like you all had fun!

I just bought Gabby one of those kid's digital semi-indestrudctible cameras for Christmas.

clairemiddleton said...

Love the one of Beth playing photographer!! That so needs to be shared with the world! My camera looks pretty impressive too! Heh!

Hay, can I put the pics of my visit on my blog?