Thursday, November 06, 2008

Remember, Remember 5th November...

Because that's when Frederick George made his appearance to the world outside Mama's tummy! And just a day later, I'm sharing the story with you dear blog.

2.30am (or there abouts) I woke up with that nagging back-achey-feeling that was the early part of Beth's labour. I knew there was no point going back to sleep as I'd just be getting up every ten minutes so I pottered downstairs to prepare the front room. The heating and hot water had packed in (again) around 9pm the evening before so I found our little fan heater and plugged that in to make the room a more acceptable temperature (if it hadn't have worked? I'd just have gone to the birth centre!)

2.50am told Clive I was calling Trish, but he could go back to sleep. I should have left him! He didn't go back to sleep. And when Sian woke up at 3.30am he was like a bear with a sore head with her. I did call Trish and she said she'd be on her way. Cue, more pottering and finding *something* on the telly. I ended up with the radio.

3.25am Trish arrived and we had a listen to "Orlando's" heart beat. All was hunky dory, and wriggly still! I did however refuse a vaginal as I'm no lover of them (and see no point to be honest!) Trish was fine with it. Heh. If Beth's birth was anything to go by, there'd be a new baby in an hours time.....

4.15am Contractions were getting more painful, but no closer together. "Lando" tolerating them well. But why can't I labour "normally" they're always in my back rather than my abdomen. LOL Trish said nothing's "normal" about labour!

4.45am The contractions are getting a little closer now. It's hard to let Trish listen in on bump. Some how we manage it. Baby's doing good. Still wriggly and still a "boyish" heartrate!

5.15am It's getting more intense, and my prediction for a 4.30ish birth has been and gone (so that's the date(s!) and time i got wrong LOL. Clive said 7.30am... Told Trish to feel free to put her feet up on the recliner and have a doze. I got online for about 10mins.

5.50am The contractions are getting stronger now. Clive's taken Sian to get milk, ice and donuts from Tescos. I'm feeling pressure with the ctx. And Beth is due to wake up really soon. Clive can't get anyone to take over from his route, and although I originally wanted the girls with me? Now I would rather they were elsewhere...

6.15am Trish phoned labour ward to inform them of my impending home birth and to find a second midwife. I'd been trying to contact Chelone (our first backup) since 3am with no luck. I called my parents to come and take the girlies out for breakfast somewhere.

6.20am Girls heard bumps heartbeat in utero for the last time. They would be picked up soon and taken to Mcdonalds (they're choice!) for breakfast.. I hear they ate a LOT!

6.50am.. More bloody show.. lots of it this time LOL. getting harder to lie through ctx for a listen in.. still tolerating it well though! I started to vocalise through the contractions around now. And introduced Trish to the phrase "Oh, Buggery Bollocks" as well!!

Now, I'm waiting for my waters to break and starting to feel the need to go to the bathroom.. for goodness sakes, don't push on the toilet!! (I didn't!)

7.30am while I'm leaning up against the sofa, Trish lets Carolyn in and I know instinctively that I can give birth now... but it hurts and I don't want to!! (ok, I'd been saying that for a good 10mins now!)

7.32am.. membranes bulging... hmm, they still haven't gone! no wonder that hurt. I still don't want to do this.. but the sofa is good to scream into!

7.33am.. Hello baby! There's a head.. .in a sac.. that's hard to break! (I only heard about the toughness later) Not too much longer and I've pushed the whole baby out. I asked to find out myself what it is...

It's a boy!!! Trish, take him, I'm shaking like a leaf and we need to let his Daddy know (Clive knew he had a boy 2mins after I pushed him out!)

So, there I am with a baby and cord dangling between my legs LOL. I can't actually move till the cords cut but we do leave it a wee while first while little man gets cleaned up. Trish, Carolyn and I all have guesses at his weight, he's a biggun! I stuck to my 8lbs, Carolyn said 8.5-9lbs and Trish went in the middle with 8.5lbs... We'll find out later!

8am.. The placenta still hasn't been delivered. It'll be soon enough. So while I try various ways to get it out we weigh him and see how big he is. OMG He's 9lbs dead on. How on EARTH?!?!

8.10am.. In spite of plenty of snuggles, skin to skin and offering of boobage Frederick hasn't wanted the boob yet. Good job here comes the placenta and all the other bits and bobs! Oh, and blood. Trish and Carolyn said it was the least bloody birth they'd ever seen LOL.

8.15am.. Frederick George took to a boob :o) Nothing like his sisters who both nursed immediately after birth for a good hour.

We sat around and gossiped, ate some breakfast, had a drink and just admired this little man till Sian and Beth and GrannyJan and Grandad came to meet him. (oh, carolyn cleaned up too!) Daddy walked in about 3mins after them so Trish and Carolyn left me with them.

Frederick George has dark hair, Mama's ears and toes. A cute button nose and two smitten big sisters. He has Daddy's non-existent eyebrows and lashes! And huge hands and lovely fingers. We're in love. He's asleep at the moment but soon will want more boobage. Chelone popped by to do his newborn baby check today. He's perfect! And as soon as I find the USB lead for my camera I'll share photos as well.


clairemiddleton said...

Yay!! Congrats!

I so need to visit and take some pics!!

fiberfanatic said...

Welcome "Grandson"! May you have a happy, healthy, joyous life!

Granny Mary