Saturday, November 15, 2008

I want my washing machine!

So, we've been in the new house (it's still the new house LOL) 3 weeks now. Our washing machine has yet to be plumbed in. NOT because we're being lazy, but because there's nowhere for the waste pipe to go.. it won't reach to the sink and we've not heard from the landlord about re-opening the outlet hole which has been bricked over.

I can't keep relying on my parents and freinds washing my clothes for me. And the ONLY person I'd even ask to wash my cloth nappies is my mum. It was nice putting mr man in cloth for a couple of hours. So much less smelly and EASIER than a disposable! And? They look cuter!
A PROPER nappy!

We're at mums at the moment with frederick in his last disposable waiting for the washing to dry so we can go home. and he's likely to be stuck in that nappy for a good hour while we're on the bus as well poor babe. We wouldn't be here still however if elisabeth had left the darn washing machine alone!

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moonduster said...

I hope you can get it working for you soon!

I'm thinking of trying cloth diapers this time around. Any suggestions on brand or where I should buy them?