Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's Official!

We're now tenants in a three bedroom house. With a huge garden. And permission to decorate. And to do pretty much what we like to the garden.

We met our housing officer this morning, she's most defintly a get done type person. We had no heat/hot water till last night as british gas make the landlord phone to get it sorted (we're switching from them asap!) but she got them to come out and get it fixed. And she'll have us teh ability to plumb in the washing machine by next weds as well (they seem to have filled in the hole to the over flow pipe so the waste water has no where to go)

The girls room is ALMOST finished being painted a lighter blue. Bumps room IS now yellow- it took three coats to get the pink covered! We'll do the other rooms as and when we can. Next task.... unpack and place everything!

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