Tuesday, October 21, 2008

OMG! OMG! OMG!!!!!!

If you've read this blog from the begining you'll know about all the trials and tribulations we have with trying to find housing in our area. And that the lease on our current property was up back in JULY.

We got a phone call yesterday morning asking if we could be at the temporary accommodation office this week to sign for a new (temporary, but hey!) property. Good job I was sitting down or I may have fallen! So, this morning in just a couple of hours we'll be finding out where our new THREE BEDROOM!!!! house is. I have a week to go before this baby is due to make an appearance, so I'm really REALLY hoping that it stays put while we move stuff from house to house.

Luckily my In Laws are both retired and can come and help us to pack, I have a super freind who's having the kids all day Wed-Fri and Beth's Godfather can help us out with a van after work and saturday pm/sunday all day. And one of the health team is coming to help as well after re-arranging her schedule for me (taht's how much she loves me and the kids!!)

So, we go this morning, sign paperwork, find out where we're going, how the council will help (they said they'll help with the removal), hopefully pick up keys and maybe start moving some bits later. WE HAVE TO BE OUT OF HERE BY NEXT MONDAY!!!!!!!!


Holy Moly! £180 for two car keys. And then ANOTHER £60 when they arrive to have them programmed into the car?! It's daylight bloody robbery. But it will make life a little easier as at the moment we're having to lock/unlock the car manually wich means remembering to leave the passenger door open when you get out.

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