Saturday, October 04, 2008

We're good to go!

Trish came round today with my homebirth pack (yay!) and we're now good to go (cause i started writing this some time ago LOL) BP was fine, babe is head down- and i swear it's all legs! I got an unexpected peek at it last week. HR still there and wriggly LOL. urine clear. i need another anti-d which i've arranged to have at the end of the week.

I need to buy a car seat and some water proof sheeting (read shower curtains!) and see if i can still borrow a freinds birthing pool (please, i've been trying for a water birth for years!)

the cloth nappies and all the baby clothes we have are at mums now. just need to bring the moses basket over. and after that we pack for me and the girlies. hopefully that will give me enough room to at least have space in our bedroom to create room for baby-kins!

now i just need to hold on to my temper a wee while longer and then when this one arrives get down to housing to add them to the list (entitling us to a bigger property) meanwhile i need to try and get hold of our housing officer about a hole in the roof and to see what on earth is going on with the lease (that they told us they weren't renewing and was up almost 4 months ago)

next excitement... beth's birthday!! new post with pics to follow after the big event LOL

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