Tuesday, September 30, 2008

well, i never

intended to go down the work book route for sian and beth, but they chose for themselve (and this was what i wanted for them) sian quite happily will do 3-5pages at a time each for fun and a gold star. then she tells me she's tired LOL. well, 20mins hard work will do that to you sweetie pie!

every 5 gold stars she earns, sian gets a cat sticker (the character in her workbooks is called "curly cat") and so far i think she's earned at least 2 cats in each book! today she learned wich direction words go in (left to right) and the book had matching games for her to do.

lap books

i'm stealing another idea and modifying it for my two. we're going to be making "favourite things" lap books. i've already created the templates. now to fill them in. i think they'll enjoy that. we can colour, draw, stick and take pictures for it!

Sian is coming on in leaps and bounds with her BSL lessons. This week she asked her GrannyJan to take her and spent the 30minute lesson translating what her teacher was saying for her granny! I've been told her signing is often better than some fo the adults! (proud mama moment!)

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