Saturday, September 06, 2008

Baby Sitting....

I have a fussy eater and a fussy baby in my care tonight. Along with my two of course. The baby fell asleep in my arms after crying a while, and is now enjoying a biscuit LOL. And the big girl probably thinks i'm the meanest person in the world as dinner was "mash"(cottage) pie not her staple beans on toast!


Sian and Beth tried gymnastics today. Beth was a bit slow to get started but then didn't want to leave LOL. She doesn't want to go back though, she tells me she didn't enjoy it! Sian got hit by one of the children in her class, but such is her make up that she just dissolved in inconsolable tears and wouldn't say why she was crying. A quick cuddle and she went back and really enjoyed herself. She says she wants to go back... I'll ask again Monday or Tuesday!

How do you make Sian happy?

Tell her she has some cloth nappies for night time again! She sleeps soooo soundly that I can't see her night training any time soon. The big problem we have is there are only THREE nappies in her size, guess I'd better find some more then! On a tangent... the 3yo we had over the other night was in a disposable and OMG it STUNK!!! So glad that we're going straight to cloth with the next one!!

Customs Charge

I got to mums teh other day to be greeted with a customs charge for a packet of what i THINK is cloth nappy bits for "Orlando" Not amused as it's costing me £12... I'll be passing that charge onto the retailer, would have been cheaper to just pay full shipping! I also received from one of the girls on my DD forum THE softest winnie the pooh baby blanket in green (remember, it's a suprise) and a wtp vest as well. and a gorgeous card. must take pics of them to share.

How much does it cost...

to get my oldest child in clothes that FIT her skinny body and cute butt? £100 in Next. But her trousers now FIT and she no longer has a "builders bum" even the jeans i grabbed for her in mothercare fell off her while she was running for the bus. poor kid was showing her undies to the world! Trouble is if you put a belt on she can't get to the loo on her own. She has some cute new clothes though and looks every bit her age now instead of younger.. it's taken almost 5yrs to get there!!

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