Sunday, September 28, 2008

35week musings....

pregnancy cartoon

Why is it high street stores don't think the larger lady gets pregnant? New Look does a lovely range of clothes for a larger lady (16-24), yet their maternity range stops at an 18, Mamas & Papas and Mothercare both specialist stores, only go up to an 18- and that's if you can FIND any 18's!! Blooming Marvellous only goes to a 16. Evans, THE store for the larger lady? Doesn't even DO maternity clothes... hello, you're missing a HUGE gap in the market here! And we don't want "granny" clothes either!

32wks 5days

I have been so slack at updating haven't I? Orlando was still head down 3wks ago.. Urine clean, BP fine, HR still in the "boys" range mostly- except when s/he was moving around.

Trish said to call at teh first twinge of back ache and she'll come over and put her feet up LOL. Told her that basically I just want to get on with giving birth, let the girls come and go as they and I please, Sian/Beth to tell me what it is, Nurse immeadiatly and delay cutting the cord.

On my part, if the little stinker turns breech at this late stage, I will still get to attempt a vaginal delivery, just have to do it at the hospital. If I go into labour in the next 2wks.. again, hospital. And there were the reasons for transferring, but they were things that you'd want to transfer for.. retained placenta, hemmorage.

Oh, she said she'd see me in 2-3weeks... that was 3wks ago LOL. I better call and remind her taht we have a date! And I need another anti-d too

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