Wednesday, September 03, 2008

My Kids are braver than me!

Sian and Beth had their first ever visit to the dentist today. They were ever so good.

Sian wanted to know how many teeth she had/should have so the dentist counted them for her. She has 20, and they're all perfect. We didn't get them cleaned though as she doesn't like "buzzy" toothbrushes. There are a lot of noises she doesn't like when i think about it. Last time we saw Trish she covered her ears while we were looking for Orlando's heart beat (Sian got the place right though!)

Beth wasn't so keen on the moving chair, but she opened her mouth wide (like Peppa Pig) and let the dentist count her teeth too. She pretty much as 20- one on of them is only partially through. They are perfect too. I did find it strange that i was asked if a child who is almost three (eek!) still had a bottle. and asked even when i said she'd stopped nursing only a couple months ago. i'm to lazy for bottles!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Genie
just had to say hi write so awesome
I am a terrible writer

how is no 3 coming along?

big hug Chris from South Africa