Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New House Pics.

Back garden from bumps room. Look how LONG it is! It's very bumpy though!

Back garden from by the house. Sian wants to get a football out there!

Front garden (and clive locking up after we'd painted the first coat on bumps room and he'd laid most the flooring in the kids room)

Back (dining room)

Front (sitting) room.

Bumps room from window (it's NOT going to stay this colour!!!)

Bumps room from door

What will be the girls room from the corner.. just to give an idea of the colour. They've chosen a lighter blue. There should be room for their toys up there as well as their beds!

Our room from the window corner. Wow. We might be able to have some storage this time! No more clothes in a box for me!!!

Bathroom... it's small but better than the current one. It has a BATH!!! Can't wait to get the gas on and in that!


Slappy Jones said...

wow thats some bright pink! Looks like a nice place. Hope you get everything done before labor! Do you know what sex it is?

wheezeybouncer said...

no idea. the pink room is now yellow. i found a winnie the pooh border and curtains and we have a lightshade in humphreys corner that matches (the curtains don't actually HAVE winnie on them!)