Sunday, October 19, 2008

curses on you woman!!

you'll know who you are when i say dunelm mill we went to get a shower curtain and some pillows. we came out £50 poorer! why a shower curtain? it's cheaper than anything else to protect the floor while i give birth! we also have some new bed linen and the girls got new cutlery.

Baby Show....

new nappies (bitti d'lish) modeled by the girls. funny how i was looking for fleece liners for the new one and this happened!! i have to say even stuffed to the brim for over night use (only time the girls wear nappies now) they're very trim. I also had a look at the bum genius as i've heard good things about them, but i'm not a velcro person so didn't buy one to try (and these two cost only £5 more than one BG would have!)

Clive is now a member of the first ever sausage club Sian tried the wild boar and apple yesterday and said it was deeelicious. So they had sausages for dinner when we got home. For his money he gets 10lbs of sausages delivered to the door twice a year. we split the membership with mum though as she and dad go through the bangers too. I have to say i was most impressed iwth how well these hold together when cooking. and they don't smell like the ones you get in tescos!!

Baby update..

well, as much as. it's still in there baking nicely thanks! We bought "lando" a coat and baby grow from pumpkin patch. The coat is grey with a hippo embroidered on one pocket and the baby grow is white iwth a hippo. And s/he has an infant carrier now as it's too awkward to strap sian into her booster seat iwth the convertible in there.

trish is away again. so an appearance is not allowed to be made this week LOL. we have plans anyway. (sign class, car keys, high school musical 3) come on oct 28th and i'll win my own birth pool!!

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