Friday, October 10, 2008

She's a BIG girl now!

My baby girl turned THREE yesterday! How on earth did THAT happen ;o) We had a lovely, normal day. The only thing of note was we took over a rather LARGE chunk of the local mcdonalds for lunch LOL. I think there must have been around 20 of us there hehe. Well, if they'd have let us use the party room we wouldn't have clogged up the store for an hour would we?! Other than that, all Boo wanted to do was go to soft play and stay and play like we normally do on a thursday.

I think her favourite presents were her Giant Makka Pakka from her Uncle Stevie. And the Upsy Daisy Bed from Mama and Daddy. She wouldn't go to bed till I'd put her Stephanie (lazytown) PJs on though LOL. And she has a very cute top that I'm putting on her tomorrow! Sian got her an "in the night garden" abacus (2 rows of beads, 1 of ITNG characters and 1 of the ten pontipines) other than that she got lots of arty crafty stuff, some undies and an alarm clock... not sure we'll use that LOL. thegirls are very good at crawling into my bed around 5.30am for snuggles!

I did get photo's, but they're still on the camera (really must get them off that, it needs to go in for repair as the flash doesn't work) I will share them as soon as they're on the computer though.

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