Tuesday, September 05, 2006

keep looking

so, we thought it was all good to go with the flat. we wanted it, it suited us. then we went and parked clive's minibus in the parking spaces. darnit, the bus is about 3" too long for the space! that and we can only have one parking permit, in spite of the fact we need two. so either clive leaves his job (no way!) or we pass on the flat. i spent the whole morning on the phone trying to sort parking out to accept the flat (the kitchen, the kitchen!) ah well. something better will come up i'm sure

we've had no heating and hot water intermittently for a while now. yesterday everythign came to a head wtih that and i phoned our housing officer (lovely lady, jsut hard to get a hold of!) she arranged for the gas enginere to come out today - earliest appt- and we found that we need a new CO2 moniter- you can't just change the batteries! and that our gas boiler apparently isn't up to standard regulations, GRRRREAT (said with just the right amoutn of sarcasm!)

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