Thursday, July 23, 2009

we fed ducks... and there are lots of ducklings now, some even smaller than these. The pigeons were a right pain the the rear though.

Rick likes to sit on his sisters chair... and cuddle milo!

Beth being cheeky.

Rick is sooo cute.... ok, I am a teensy bit biased!

At soft play having tried to climb *up* the slide!

Beth snapped this (and several other in need of lightening!) photo of Rick at soft play a couple of weeks ago.

Check out the gorgeous rainbow we saw! The phone pic came out better than the digicam pic LOL

Beth under a block?! Don't ask!

How dark? This was after the 8.50am school drop off... in the middle of JULY. 10 mins up the road and it was bright again

Please don't take me for a picnic Mama, pack sandwiches instead! Gotta say I LOVE my JJB bags from Missie at babythings she's super friendly and gets your order out almost as soon as it's hit her doorstep!

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