Sunday, April 24, 2005

I know I know!

still no picture of me with my new hairstyle. it's not smooth and straight any more.

i phoned a midwife last week. she's going to do her best to get me the home birth that i want. and said if i'd called her before i had my booking appointment she'd have done that at home too. yay! no white coat hypertension!

sian and i meet her on may 10th. and we've agreed that i will only have *one* extra scan at 32wks unless trish seems worried. i felt sooo much better after talking to her :o)

i'm still (just about) managing to bowl. although all i'm ready for after a match is a niiice loooooooooong nap lol.

ugh. not a good day nausea wise today. i'm eating ice cause at least i'll stay hydrated.

1 comment:

~ Jessi said...

You show your new hair and I'll show mine :)

BTW: I love ice! Hopefully you like it or can stand it so you keep nice and hydrated!