Tuesday, May 10, 2005

happy day :o)

touching wood first... i've not thrown up for 3 days. and i've only felt sick when i need to eat which is a BIIIIG improvement!


she came, phoned up to get blood test results she'd forgotten. double checked that she'd cancelled my OB appt. we discussed about the extra scans.... some of it i think will depend on timeing but sian didn't stop growing till later on so i *might* have all 3 but she's leaving it up to me.

best bit. shrimpy and i HEARD THE HEART BEAT!!!! chugging along in teh 140's.... maybe it'll be a boy after all as sian's was in the 160's at this stage. i'm right on track for 18wks :o)

we see her again on jun 27th.... so long away lol but i have her phone number and can call her if i need help, advice or to see her before then.

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