Wednesday, May 11, 2005

i spoke too soon.

teh nausea and sickness is back with a vengeance. at least it was nice not having to run to the bathroom while it lasted!

ack. shrimpy's pulling nappy liners out of the packet. there. got them moved. now what's she found.... nappy sacks. *sigh* she's a monster. and i love her dearly! i wouldn't change her... might put her on e-bay as a one night only offer.... i'd get some takers i'm sure lol

my little girl is turning into a little chatter box. her favourite words are foot, cheese, ball and no. foot and cheese going together of course lol. so do belly and tickly for that matter! she also says book, hair, mumee, dadda, hat. and this morning she made a very clear and creditible attempt at good morning.

if only she'd get up and walk! she's a wriggle britches when you carry her and is not enamoured of the pushchair these days. i'm scared that she'll get up and run though!

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