Sunday, May 15, 2005


so. the slide went together fine, in approx. 10mins- loseing the instructions contributed to the time, it's a snap together item. sian thinks it's great fun. and we bought some floor mats to put at the bottom as she tends to fly a good half a foot away from the end! the mats are even more appreciated than the slide i think lol

then i tried the trampoline. i could not get the nut to screw onto the bolt for love nor money. neither could dad. we both tried. for about 10mins each. and made the pleasing discovery (independantly of each other) that the nuts don't fit. so dad took it back for a replacement.

today i tried to put the replacement together. guess what? yup. nuts & bolts don't match up. this time you can *see* that it's not going to work. the blessed bolts are cut wonky.

i'm taking the darned thing back to toys r us tomorrow and spending an extra £5 on the one we saw in tescos- sian did ask for it the other day as it's colorful, and the metal edges are padded so i'm happier with that model... as long as it goes together!

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