Tuesday, May 24, 2005

having a lunch party.

and it was meant to be in the garden so the 3 17mos olds could wear themselves out. guess what the weathers doing? no trampoline, slide or ball pond. there's not room in the living room for any of it. i suppose my lungs will thank me. i was going to have to inflate the ball pond before everyone got here!

however, 2 bowls of fruit salad (i didn't have one big enough) later, with fresh bread, ham, cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers & crisps for the kids should be fine. i know i'm going to have to hoover after that lot! the splash mat sure isn't big enough for 3.

i wonder what madam shrimp is up to. i left her in the kitchen putting fridge magnets in and out of a waste paper basket. she hasn't quite got the concept of sticking htem on the fridge, although she thinks taking them off is great fun lol

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