Thursday, March 29, 2007

Boo Hoo Hoo!!

my little baby got all growed up :o( she talked to me on the phone today. not just gurgles, we had a conversation (ok, so bethy can't say many words yet, but she has yes and no down pat!)

it's time to get her new clothes... i jstu made the pleasing discovery that she's too long for ALL her 9-12mos stuff! and a pillow. she defintly sleeps better with it. Guess where half our holiday spending money si going?! ah well, she's worth it, totally!

I went to see the gp and....

i got 3 weeks grace LOL. I go to see Janet in 3wks time to sort out a personal action plan.. we tried to do it today but didn't get too far. I'm not going to change any of the asthma meds at the moment (just finish teh pred. tomrow, but I got it to have indoors which is a big help as i've been able to start it myself) I do have my hayfever meds sorted out though so now i'm gonna feel like i'm rattling!!

We're all going on an Easter Holiday!!

Well, i'm going to give dad a break from caring for mum, but i don't get a break from caring for him LOL. we WILL have fun though and i will get my hair cut two visits we're defintley doing are the chocolate farm and folly farm. the rest we're going to wait and see. must rember to take the potty. both girls will possibly use it..........

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