Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Stop the world... I want to get off!

also known as... i can't bloody breathe again. this sucks. of course by the time i get to see janet on thrusday i'll have 3 days of pred in me, 4 days of increased symbicort and she'll not see jsut how bad it was.

CLIVE stop moaning about how the car needs a service, doesn't do this, doesn't do that, isn't your bus (i know that asshole, that's no excuse for your shitty driving). I've paid for a years worth of servicing/mot/cleaning from lance owen... well what was lance owen. now you jsut have to call and book it. or shall i do that too? they'll come and collect it from here as long as they have 2wks notice and its not a weekend.

Sian has now slept in her bed 4 nights, only falling out once! tonight was funny.. i heard a cry from her room... "mama come get my knickers (disposable nappy as opposed to cloth) i need a wee wee" she did too but she wouldn't let me put the nappy back on, even though it was dry!

Beth is cute, funny, noisy and apparently looks like a Lucie Mabel Attwell baby (whoever?!) don't cross her though. she's vicious if you get in her way or her sisters!

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