Sunday, March 25, 2007

And *breathe*

If I've just spent an hour getting the kids calmed down and ready for bed DON'T go and spoil it by picking a fight with the 3yo. Shouting and yelling at her are NOT going to bode well for me getting her to bed easily, or for me being able to read them a bed time story. You wanted kids just as much as me. TAKE SOME DAMNED RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEM AND GET OFF YOUR BACKSIDE INSTEAD OF SLOBBING IN FRONT OF THE TELEVISION!!!! If she wants to parade naked for 3minutes *with* the potty close at hand, let her. she is NEVER going to potty train if you don't let her stay in the altogether. peeing in her nappy is so much easier. Yet if her little sister wants to go potty, and just get up and down from it in the nuddy, thats fine. Do you see the inconsistencies here yet clive?

They're both asleep now. It only took me 30minutes. They didn't get there mama milk though. I had to spend time just talking calmly and wiping tears. thank goodness for the CDplayer and a library of books. Yes, we will be adding to it. You can jsut learn to read as well. or make up storeis to go with teh pictures. they don't know any different yet.


I ended up starting the pred. last night. the amount of ventolin i've been getting through i guess a trip to A&E is probably where i should be headed. i said *should* hopefully we can get some answers on thursday when i see the GP. i've sure had enough of this ride.

less than 100 days

can't wait for all public places to go non-smoking. i had a hard time at bowling this morning cause of the smoke. the centre staff can't wait eitehr. funny how the people that think it's a bad move are the smokers, huh? clive rekcons he's going to give up over easter. i've heard it so many times that i don't beleive him any more. his motivation this time? "cancer sticks" are going up 11p a pack. bever mind the health benefits for the whole family or the fact that he smells and tastes like an ashtray at the moment.

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