Saturday, March 24, 2007

Heh. You wouldn't beleive

that weds and thurs sian was sick enough tath she didn't even want mama milk. today she's been on top form, argueing iwht me, screaming and shouting. and resisting bed! however, 8pm came and she finished playing with the toys (or rathr trhowing tem out of hte bedroom) and put her self into bed and tucked herself in. *sob* my baby is growing up!

yesterday she pulled a hieght chart off the wall at stay and play. then proceeded to fall asleep on it right in the middle of the room! i have a picture i will share when i can get to a scanner.

Me and my monster (aka asthma)

i really have ahd enough of this now. sian *hates* seeing me get nebbed :o( Janet switchet roudn my meds and added one. (now its symbicort, qvar and singulair) if my PF drops below 280 or the symptoms get worse i'm to start teh pred. and of course ventolin as necesary.

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