Thursday, March 22, 2007

What a grumpy guts!

Thats what we said to sian tuesday when she didn't want to do *anything*

Well i found out why wednesday after i took her to the drs. poor baby has a nasty ear infection :o( and a raging high temperature to go with it. no wonder she was a grouch! all she's wanted to do since tuesday night is nurse.

on another note. the cardigan made for her by my surrogate mum finally fits! she loves it and asks to wear it wether it matches her outfit or not LOL and as spring seems to have disappeared again...........! mind you she'll probably outgrow it in about 2mos the way she's going. so THANK YOU Granny Mary :o)


fiberfanatic said...

I'm glad she can finally wear it, and can feel the love in it!

Sorry I've not been reading the last few days -- you need a major hug!

wheezeybouncer said...

hehe and she loves it :o) i washed it the otherday... bad move LOL.

thank you for the hug. i've sure needed that!