Saturday, March 10, 2007

How I spent my Birthday Money

I should have known when Clive started stressing before I walked out the door that I should stay home today. He knew I needed to leave at 7.30am so at 7.15 he's *still* in bed. 7.30 I made the girls breakfast (yup, thats still in the kitchen awaiting my attention, it can wait)

Met up with my freinds in Harrow at 9am as planned and meandered off to Primark via Boots- Boots was open, Primark wasn't! And I needed a drink- never did drink it LOL

Primark didn't have anything big enough for me, but the other two got some bits. True "primark Moments" occured in there LOL so glad i didn't need socks! (cheap and cheerful and still going strong!) After Primark we went into Wallis... first purchase... £30 trousers down to £15... gotta love it! I can't beleive #1 i liked them and #2 they fit! now i needed to find a top to go with them (one to hide the lumps and bumps!)

Went off for a cuppa next- well a cup of tea, a cappucino and a water LOL so we could decide what to do next and i could get drugged up... not that it helped much i didn't stop wheezeing all damn day.

Next up was a trip to New Look- I have a new favourite shop LOL I've bought stuff from there before and been really pleased. This time though I got the trousers in a 20 not a 22! they're still a tad big roudn teh waist at the back! 2 pairs of jeans (£37), 1 pair of canvas trousers (£10- reduced) and 3 tops (£22 all reduced) The New Look in Harrow is HUGE! We traipsed into the fitting rooms together LOL we had 13 items and I kept 6, not bad! I decided I'd bought enough then (having spent a total of £84)

We meandered accross teh road to the lingerie shop. Lots of cute bras, but nothing in my size (never bloody is!) Then thought about lunch.. I wasn't hungry the others were, trouble with pred. is i'm never hungry at breakfast and lunch time, so we decided to go into debenhams for a nosey. We played around with lots of make up hehe. I let K make me up but had to take it off as it was making me all itchy :o( at least I know not to use Benefit make up in future. I did look pretty though lol

I dug my phone out at this point and found a message from Clive asking if we wanted to meet for lunch. It was 12 already so I said what about tea. He then texted back in a strop saying Bethy had 6 udders (was being a cow) and S ... where should he start. and he'd broken the kitchen drawer. I've only been gone half the damned day! yet *he* can't handle it and is snapping at everything. guess it's time for me to go home then. thanks. N & K are great freinds. I went outside and phoned him. Decied to get him to meet us in Harrow with teh girls

We went back accross to the cafe for lunch. but all forgot to check if it was a non smoking cafe... it wasn't. ugh. i was already wheezing like a steam train. that made it worse as there were people either side of us smoking.

Clive met us in a major strop. Lets say that my day fell apart possibly from the moment I left, but defintly from the "i wnat to kill myself" crap he sent me. To top it off he left Sian in a drenched nappy so I ended up having to buy HER a new pair of trousers as its march not May and i couldnt leave her in just a nappy!

Possibly the best bit of the day as far as the girlies were concerned was going out for tea at Chiquitos... they both had a 3 course meal! Never been done before, it was tonight LOL adn the service there today was super- unlike our wedding anniversary when we never did get served and walked out after 30mins to go to pizza hut!

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