Friday, December 01, 2006

Photo (late!)

Me and my girls.... We gate crashed mums birthday photo shoot to get htis one of the three of us. I really like it :o) most
unusual as I HATE HATE HATE having my picture taken

Sian and Beth just after Beth's first birthday. Those trousers are now indecent on Sian, and the dress fits Beth!

Just two random pictures. The red coat makes Sian look so grown up now (sob) and the christmas decorations brought out the imp in Beth!


fiberfanatic said...

No shoes? giggle I had kids like that.

LOVE the pictures! THANKS!

Granny Mary

wheezeybouncer said...

heh no shoes allowed on that white flooring. not htat it matters, we like bare feet in this house!

(rember me walking accross to the church shoeless?)

we are going to try come to the states in 2008!

fiberfanatic said...

Did you take the pictures? Other than the first? I can't imagine a photog telling clients they have to take off shoes!

Will plan to see all of you in 2008, then!

wheezeybouncer said...

nope, photo studio. they've always done pics w/o shoes, even before they had the permanent studio set uo in the store