Sunday, December 17, 2006

off! owf!

oof! ee! oof! there a bit bumpy.

what do you think sian was taling about? She's 3 (well almost!) so keep it clean!

cobble stones! she decided she wanted to walk over them intsetd of on grass or tarmac this morning LOL. typing just doesn't do her actual voice any justice cause it was SO funny.

She also didn't want a cheese burger cause *she* was hungry, her *tummy* wanted the cheese burger. silly mama, it's the tummy that rumbles!

beth wehn asked if she's going to behave...."neh" said with a defintie no shake of the head. do you want mama milk? "yeh" with a yes nod.

she also said she was cheeky, didn't learn it from her big sister it came naturally! the child is as smart as her big sister, and as cheeky and forward too!

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