Saturday, December 30, 2006

Vent...........Vent......... Vent

Clive you do NOT need to shout at us all day everyday. I don't care if thats waht your mother did (she still does i know, everytime we go up i have to re-teach sian how to talk quietly) in fact, can you TALK to your kids, not shout at them the minute they open their mouths or just get up from where ver they were sitting.

If you didn't want to take sian to see her cousins for her birthday why didn't you say so when i was booking it? instead of today AFTER the fact. How was I supposed ot know at the *BEGINING* of the month that you were going ot be too tired to drive? or why didn't you say that you only wanted to stay ONE NIGHT. I asked you these questions whn I booked. so don't f*ing complain about it now.

And if you want to go and see YOUR FATHER in PUTNEY then YOU ARE GOING TO HAVTO DRIVE CAUSE I CAN'T!!!!!!! don't come over all "i'm the taxi driver " when you know damned well that either he uses the work car *out of working hours* or we drive or take the bus. I have no problems with the bus, we have two pushchairs.

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