Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Thingymas!

We tracked Santa last night ( and Sian and Daddy left him out a mince pie and drop of whiskey to say thank you - I wonder if Santa ever gets drunk? Or sick of mince pies! Must apologise to the reindeer though, we forgot to get them any carrots :o(

This year, Sian understood the concept of unwrapping presents LOL. She went through her stocking in record time hehe. Beth opened her first one and was quite contented! It reminded me of Sian's first Christmas- bear in mind, this is only her 2nd! I can't beleive she'll be 3 in just 2 days. My littl ebaby is fast becoming a little girl (with a big attitude!)

After we did stockings in Mama and Daddys bed we went downstairs. Santa left the big presents unwrapped this year. Sian got a piano........ HIT! She sang "I am the muskick man" for about an hour! In fact she's bashing away on it as I type. Beth got a peek-a-blocks school bus........... she's more interested in the piano lol. Ah well. Sian liked the bus too- in fact I have a photo of her sitting in it! There other big present this year of course was the trip to CBeebies Live! on Saturday. (Sian still wants to see it again- can we? can we? pleeeease?)

We went over to GrannyJan and Grandads to spend the day from about 11.30am. Christmas is defintaly a time to be with your family if you possibly can. Mum started lunch and I finished it. Found out that both the girls like asparagus! Oh and christmas pudding with clotted cream! I'm rather stuffed wtih good food and good company now.

Sian and Beth got so many new clothes today it was unbeleivable! But i think the jackpot for friends presents must have gone to Uncle Steve- he managed to find the "something special" DVDs cue two giant smiles from the girls. Their CDs to each other probably ran a close second!

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