Thursday, January 04, 2007


can wriggle out of a pair of shoes in 0 seconds flat!

She needed some new ones as hers were getting to small. So, as she had the velcro figured and the shoe off within 2mins of getting them first time I thought buckles might be the way to go. How wrong I was!!! I think it took her 20mins to get the shoe off. Not sure what to try next......... taping tehm on?!

Ah, but we *did* get the "highchair booster" taht we've wanted since the girls started arguing over who's sitting in each chair. Now they both sit quite happily in identical chairs. Of course, the new one is non-returnable, at my own risk and with no manual! Oh, and discontinued. I had to ask *reeeeeeeeally* nicely to get it.

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