Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Sian @ 3years....

first, i weighed her yesterday. she's 12.6kgs (26lbs) now and has jumped up a centile line in weight! thats a 1.6kg gain in 6mos. all that eating is paying off- she had 3 bowls of pasta monday night!

onto nursing... i wasn't going to nurse past 1yr....2yrs.... 3yrs
G: big 3yos don't have mama milk
S: i not 3, i sian
G: you are my sian, my big 3yo sian
S: sian's do have mama milk
S: i not 3, i one, bethy's 3!
yeah, i've given in and let her have mama milk morning and evening. but no longer in public, she's just too big!

we started home school yesterday...... at baby clinic! we slotted all the planned learning into 2hrs in the morning and once again my little shrimp suprised me, this time with the alphabet from A-E! we did some colouring iwth Beth (never too young to color!) pencil skills, color recognition & counting while we walked to town, shapes with the nursery nurse at baby clinic and reading cause we were at the library. oh and some signing as well.

the potty.. nope, she still isn't potty trained, i'm hoping she will one day! she knows what its for and does wee on it when i put her on there if she needs to go after breakfast and before bed. i don't want to trash the carpet with accidents here though because we'd have to replace it and it's only temporary housing.
she was standing with a look of extreme concentration on her face
G: do you need a wee-wee?
S: no
G: do you need to sit on the potty?
S: no
G: are you doing a poopy?
S: silence...... looks releived
G: do you need a clean nappy?
S: not quite....... *sigh* change my nappy!

I think I'm going to bite the bullet on the potty training tomorow. I know she can go at least a couple of hours in knickers cause i've put her in them before to see if she notices when she wees. Wish me luck!

Clives being an ass as usual added to which, he's working 8-8 all week and the girls aren't seeing him at all till Sunday now. Sian's been going to bed good as gold at 7.30 for the past two nights. give it another week or so and if it carries on i'll take the sides off her cot for her.............!

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