Friday, April 28, 2006

wow! we got an offer!

If you've been following our housing saga- we're currently in temporary housing (not to mention rent arrears) Then heres some good news for us

We are going to view a house with 2 other familys next weds!!! Well, the kids and I are as Clive is at work. We're probably the 3rd option couple, but we've been offered a viewing!!!!

It's a bit off the beaten track and neither in Isleworth NOR the surestart area, but it's big enough to sleep the kids in a room of their own AND house their clothes and it has a garden (or I'd not have bid on it!)

Thing is, I eitehr want to be in the surestart area or isleworth so I really hope that the highest priority couple takes it (and that we're not the highest priority!!)

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