Monday, May 01, 2006

Radhav's Funeral

It was a bittersweet day. We knew that Rads was at rest, but still, we had to be sad for us.

Everyone was asked to come in bright colours- Rads fave was yellow and he ALWAYS followed my trampoline club tracksuit top when i was wearing it, how could i not? And his seond favourite was red (possibly seomthing to do with his football team LOL) there was a lot of cream and blue. You could tell the outlaws (Bandana finally got a divorce back at christmas and her ex's family were rather........ patronizing.... about radhav and his CP. when asked what they could do to help they got told "pay for the funeral")

Sian wore a yellow dress with white shoes and socks and Beth a yellow tee with white trousers and red & white stripy socks. I think i managed to incorporate in their out fits Bandanas colour wishes and traditional funeral colors for hindus! We were also given the honor of going to the Gurdwara after the english ceremony to hear Rads granny do the Hindu funeral, but two diabetics and two cranky, wet kids meant we ended up not making it.

I didn't even get to hear Dads eulogy :o( Sian decided she wanted to "play in garden" so we explored teh gardens of rememberance. The kids did get the honor of releasing a balloon each for Rads. They were meant for family. I had more trouble getting Beth to let go of hers than Sian, I thought it would be the other way round!

Mum and Dad said that there was a lot of wetness, but not a lot of crying. Everyone who spoke (Bandana had to cut everyones down and then turn people away) mentioned something to make the group smile (wetly!) I know dad rembered the day we made Rads "walk" on teh trampoline useing a rig belt. That was te last time he came trampolining.

Rads was the reason behind purchasing a Mangar wheelchair for people with special needs ...... he never got to use it at trampolining but he loved riding in it at BBQs!

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