Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Just to show you that 2yos can rear face quite happily lol although I'm not too sure about beth's face here and sian was giveing me her fake smile hehe. Wonder if we could fit 3 seatsa ccorss taht back seat .....

The real reason for this post is in the other picture.. We cleared a space and Daddy let go. Beth walked with the dolls pushchair on Sunday. I'm so not ready for this. SHe doesn't roll or crwall or belly scoot, just sits! She also has an excellent pincer grasp, can pass tiny peices from one hdan to the otehr and feeds herself finger foods quite happily. I guess I'd better let her loose with a spoon soon. Still nurses lots too though, thats my baby :o)

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fiberfanatic said...

Oh my, ready or not, there she goes! Serena started off at a run and she didn't stop running for a long time! LOL