Saturday, May 20, 2006

We had fun

In spite of his highness deciding to do overtime today, the girls and i went to Build a bear as planned. As in we planned a family outing over 2wks ago for today to go and stuff some "hug away from home" bears.

Each Build a Bear had 200 bears to stuff for ronald mcdonald house charities so we went and did our bit. the machine scared poor sian to bits as it was rather loud- she wouldn't even hug hte bear after that! and beth wanted to eat the button ( although she did sleep through lunch so i guess that might ahve explained it!)

I want to go abck and stuff bears all day long lol well i'd certainly like to stuff one for each of the girls with a special message in it :o) after we did the bears we meandered round uxbridge looking in shops and (in sian's case) having tea partys with scooters! she also got a new book today - can't have to many books in the house! this one is quite grown up for a 2yo i htink it's a "charlie and lola" book and she loves the program too.

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