Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Vacation Time

We love each other sooo much. They just spent 2wks sharing a twin bed, now they're doing it in their toddler beds! Excuse Sian's face, she head butted the concrete as hard as Beth on holiday!

It's a lovely clear night here with a lovely full moon. But you can't see it with my camera properly :o( If you look carefully you CAN see the tree branches too. I think I many need to find a photo editing program and learn to use it!

ok, it's over, we're back and the photos are all over the show! I'm in the process of downloading the 185 on the camera. Then I'll share!

we had a BLAST. The kids had a ball. DH and I were kids again. We're all still pale as sheets, IN SPITE of the 80* weather (mmmmm, we came back to -6* at Gatwick!) SPF50 sunscreen, the way to go with little blondies!!

Mind you, the house was about -20* as the heating broke AGAIN while we were away. NOT amused. We spent all day Monday playing phone tag with the council. They finally came to fix it Tuesday lunchtime (for a morning appt) although when i asked the plumber to condem it? he was close! he IS recommending a new boiler to the landlord though, otherwise well, we'll see him in a few weeks when we're freezing again.

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